Spa Cove LLC
Your Cozy Massage Corner of the World



Spa Cove LLC is a small locally owned business that  began in the origins of my soul. The quaint feeling creates a sense of safety and healing.  The need to provide this service came well before I knew that these gifts of energy were recognized. I strive to open your energy, mind, body and soul to a new awakening of itself through hot stones and other integrated therapy techniques. I understand the intimate nature of a massage and put comfort  at the fore front and as a result Spa Cove LLC was born. I am centrally located in downtown Columbia Sc. 1612 Marion Street Suite 213 Columbia Sc 29201.  Too often in life do we feel our "check engine light" come on and we push through the pain. Here ,I aim to help the body get back to its most optimal stage.  So come along and take a deep breath as I walk you through this relaxing journey of self as we take the uncomfortable settings away and incorporate the flow of healing touch.