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About the Practitioner

Katrina Shelton SC6 996
Bodywork Specialist

I am here to act as a mere aid in the body's natural ability to heal itself. Massage was first introduced to me while vacationing in the beautiful island of Hawaii, as the island cradled me in warmth and as I floated in the water I was compelled to apply for massage training to what seemed to me to be out of nowhere. I listened. 

 Through extensive training, I began to trust the guidance of my teachers and I realized that massage chose me. I had no idea this path would be as rewarding, challenging, and changing as it is. I was a student and even was blessed to teach and back to student. I am guided everyday by teachers known and unknown in my craft. I learned to listen.

As a result,  I have worked at some of the most prestigious spas and treatment centers all leaving me with valuable lessons and tools to aid me on this journey of service.

My goal is to polish and pick up skills as I progress in this field and provide the most sacred space possible for each session of service. Though I have been in this field for almost a decade now I learn daily. Thank you for being apart of this journey with me .